As long as I can remember, there’s two things I’ve been passionate about during my life – a love of animals, and photography.

I grew up with cats and loved animals so much that at the young age of 8, I made the decision to go vegetarian, and still am today. I am surrounded by both cats and dogs now, Wort & Flea, Mooky & The Fuzz, The Border 9 and Bliss – quite the pack and a handful, especially as they are now all seniors, and many have illnesses. But my husband and I love them all the same, maybe even more so, for the way they depend on us so much more to care for them in their senior years.

I feel so very lucky to live in this beautiful place known as, the land of the long white cloud – New Zealand. Based in rural Auckland with access to acres of farmland and the river, there is no shortage of opportunities to capture and preserve beautiful memories of my furbabies.

Having recently completed treatment and surviving breast cancer, there is no better time than the present to pursue my passion of photography and love of animals.

If you would like me to capture the love and preserve those special memories of your beloved furbabies, then please contact me to arrange a session either at your favourite location or a rural farmland session.

An affiliate member of the New Zealand Institue of Professional Photography working towards my accreditation, I am based in Auckland, New Zealand but available nationwide!