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What if my dogs can’t be off their lead?
The number one priority is keeping your puppers safe, so if yours can’t be off lead, that’s absolutely fine with me. Leads can be removed during the editing process so you won’t even be able to tell your pupper still had one attached. It is recommended that you bring a long lead so we can still capture fun action shots of your pup at their goofiest.
What if my dog doesn’t know any commands?
Regardless of whether your pup has ever had any training, or knows any basic commands, I can work with them to get images from our session and have different methods and tools to help get their focus and attention. So whether your pupper is trained or not, I will work with them and you, to get the best out of them.
What if my dog is shy and cautious of new people?
The number one priority is making your pupper feel comfortable and safe! At the beginning of every session I take time to get to know your pup before introducing them to my camera, so if your pup is super shy I will take extra time to allow them to get to know me and my camera before we jump into capturing their image! Adventures, open spaces, new places and strangers can all be overwhelming for pups, so if need be there is always the zoom lens to give your pup some distance and help them to relax, so we can still capture some beautiful images of your furbaby.
What if my dog has special needs?
Whether it’s allergies, illness, old age, three legs, wheels or reactiveness, we can plan a session to met your pup’s needs to ensure they are safe and comfortable so we can still capture beautiful images for you.
Is it okay to be in the photo with my dog?
Yes! Whilst capturing images of your pupper is the priority, you are more than welcome to share the spotlight and be in some images with your pup, whether that's for some nice portrait style images or some creative fun images for those of you who are a little shy. Remember when sharing the frame with your pupper, dress tidily in neutral colours and wear clean shoes in case we capture your feet!
What if its raining on the day or the weather is just terrible?
Easy, we reschedule for another day. As the weather can be unpredictable, when we book your session we will plan a back up date as well, so that if on the day mother nature has other ideas, we can reschedule for the back up date.
How far ahead do I need to book?
Bookings can be made up to three months in advance, a minimum of four weeks notice is preferred, so we have sufficient time to arrange the best plan for you and your pups session. For urgent situations where your pup is unwell, I will do my best to accommodate and fit a session for you into my schedule.
Do you photograph pets other than dogs?
Absolutely! Whilst dogs and cats are predominantly the pets I photograph, I have photographed rats to lizards to farm animals. Check out my ‘All Sorts’ page in this guide for further details.

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