NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographer

bernese mountain dog puppy sitting on the beach in the black sand at raglan, with head slightly tilted and giving a puppy dog eyes look with one ear flapping in the wind

Late last year, 2019, I joined the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers as an Affiliate member with the goal of applying for my accreditation this year. 

The NZIPP is an internationally recognised organisation established in 1938 and is the only qualifying body for professional photographers in New Zealand. NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographers are recognised as industry leaders. To become an Accredited member you are required to demonstrate an attainable, minimum standard of quality technically, creatively and within your business practices. These standards not only allow us photographers to differentiate ourselves in our business. But they provide assurance for clients that they are not only engaging a true professional who has met the standards set by the industry. But that they are also working with a professional photographer who has agreed to be bound by the NZIPP’s Code of Ethics, Constitution and By-laws. 

As an Accredited Member you’re also required to continue your growth and personal development as a photographer and focus on your accountability as a business owner. Along with acting as a role model for emerging professional photographers and an ambassador within the photographic profession. There is specific criteria you must first meet in order to apply for accreditation and then there are four different divisions under which you can choose to apply. There are also only ten submissions allowed on each of the four intakes per year. The images are assessed on presentation, composition, image quality, creativity and lastly how the judges feel overall – would they send a friend, relative, or colleague to this photographer.

 At the beginning of July 2020, I applied under the Specialised category for Pet/Animal. I had to submit a portfolio of 15 images for assessment. 12 out of 15 images were required to pass the above criteria for me to gain accredited status. I’m ecstatic to announce that I received my feedback at the beginning of September 2020 and not only had I passed and gained my Accreditation, but all 15 of my images submitted had passed! 

Additionally I am only the third photographer in NZ to gain accreditation for specialising in pets/animals only. An accomplishment I’m incredibly proud of. So now when I say now, I’m an award winning professional photographer, it just takes on a whole new level of meaning! 

Along with some amazing feedback from the judges, a “solid pass with some outstanding images” and a “good use of colour adding to a strong fun set”. Colour and fun, that’s definitely me! Outstanding images – WOW!!! To have passed with such strong positive feedback from my peers is astounding to me. For anyone experiencing their own challenges this year, even in the most challenging of times, if you persevere, you can achieve great things! These are just a few of the images I submitted for accreditation.

senior staffy cross cattle dog having an end of life photo session on the farm for his mum to capture memories of him, looking off into the wilderness with the setting sun
terrier cross dog jumping in the air on the top of a hill, with the golden grass beneath him and the bright blue sky behind him
red and white border collie laying her head down on a log with her chin resting on it and her paws up on it and looking up and off to the side with a puppy dog eyes look to her mum