Why i love the colour green in pet photography

What the colour green represents

The colour green often represents nature, life, renewal, growth and environment. Just one of the reasons I love the colour green.

So why is it some photographers don’t love the colour green in their images?

There’s a practise amongst some photographers to change the overall tonal representation of their image from green to another colour, such as brown, red, orange or even grey.

I love these adjustments that are made by photographers to their images and sometimes it can really elevate an image. Especially when the background tones are changed to suit the colour of the coat of the dog, for instance.

But, I love all colour, even green!

Bonkers the 5 year old Golden Labrador sitting in a lush green avenue in the forest in summer 2021.

Surrounded by the colour green in nature

Living in the land of the long white cloud, New Zealand, I am surrounded by nothing but green! Holding sessions at home on the farm where I am surrounded by lush beautiful green grass, forest and bush areas.

Even in summer when drought hits and the grass turns from green to brown, I still have an abundance of beautiful evergreen trees to photograph against.

Whilst I know some may not like green for the fluro tones it can add to images or the colour casts against fur. I myself love to embrace the green!

Photographing outdoors, capturing dog’s in their natural environment, I love nothing more than a beautiful lush backdrop of green.

I love how the different grasses, trees and bushes all have such variations in their tone of greens as well. And how these tones change throughout the year depending on the position of the sun and how the light reflects and bounces off it.

And I love the contrast when dogs are photographed against it.

To me I love photographing dogs in their natural environment. So to get them out into nature and capture them having fun is one of my favourite things to do.

Loving the colour green in my images

Here are some of my recent favourite images featuring the colour green in it’s different tonal ranges.

  • rottweiler x huntaway sitting in field of green grass and white wildflowers - love the colour green
  • bernese mountain dog sitting in green forest amongst trees - love the colour green
  • swedish vallhund x labrador dog running in green grass
  • dogue de bordeaux dog sitting in green avenue

So tell me, what do you like or not like about the colour green in pet photography?

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Capturing The Love

Every dog has their own unique personality, living life with a childlike wonder and having fun along the way, exploring natures sights and sounds with an adventurous spirit like only they can.

Every dog has their own tail to tell, an unconditional connection and love for their person in the world. Let me capture that moment in time, their spirit, their beauty, so, you can remember, enjoy and share their story for years to come. Cherishing them for a lifetime.

Kirsten Hough of Wort & Flea Pet Photography. Capturing the love, the fun, the adventure and the spirit of your pet in Pokeno, New Zealand.

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